ScoutPalDB2 Feature Notes

  1. SPDB2 can be setup to display error messages on-screen instead of in a popup:  Tap Settings, tap the Misc tab, then checkmark Scan errors on Screen.
  2. Depending on the result of a scan, SPDB2 can play wav sound files of your choice.  It looks for specific sound files in a beeps folder inside the database file folder. The sound file names are "found.wav", "notfound.wav", or "scanerror.wav". If the sound file exists, it will be played instead of the default click(s).  A sample beeps folder with sound files is included in the download, you will find it in the cab\release notes folder.  Use the PDA's File Explorer to copy it:  Navigate to the beeps folder.  Tap and hold on the folder name, then select Copy.  Navigate to the database file folder, then tap Edit, then tap Paste. See How... 
  3. At the moment, exact category listing counts are not included in UPC merchandise results, so NA is shown instead of an exact number. Work is underway to get this information included in UPC databases, as well as adding other features to ScoutPalDB.