ScoutPalDB users running a version less than 2.1 should install, or upgrade to, ScoutPalDB2 as soon as possible, as support for older versions will end soon. Tap on the word "settings" at the bottom of your ScoutPalDB screen to see your version number.

Along with other feature enhancements, ScoutPalDB2 supports UPC searches for non-print media and merchandise, including DVD's, Music CD's, VCR tapes, Video games, Software, Tools, Toys, and other categories.  Our Setup ScoutPalDB videos provide a full narrative on downloading and installing ScoutPalDB2.

Most users can take advantage of our new easy Download and Update tool instead of having to follow all of the manual download steps listed below.  With the right equipment, it will download, extract, and copy to the storage card for you -- all in one simple step!

Manual download (below) is required for Mac computer users, optional for Windows users.  Mac users must follow the prescribed procedure:  Windows users can also (if preferred) use the HTC Zip method.

In any case, once you have the unzipped SPDB2 folder on your storage card, just watch and follow the upgrade steps shown in Video #9, at  (Hint: You can pause/rewind/fast-forward while playing a YouTube video in order to follow along with it at your own pace, step-by-step.)

If you're familiar with operating your PDA's File Explorer, here's the upgrade install video in a nutshell:

Soft-reset the PDA.  Don't start ScoutPalDB.  Instead, immediately start the File Explorer and navigate it to the SD card, then tap on the ScoutPalDB2 setup package that's in the SPDB2 folder and let it install with its defaults; start ScoutPalDB, tap Settings, tap Database, tap [Find it for me], tap [OK]...  It's that easy!  (But be sure to start with a soft-reset!)

Manual download, detailed instructions:

  1. On the zip file download page, enter "spdb2" or just "2" in the DB2 Code field. (The code may already be there for you.)  You will need to also ensure that this code is entered when updating the databases.
  2. When you click the download button, instead of downloading an file (version 1), you will be downloading
  3. Existing ScoutPal users:  If you are upgrading ScoutPalDB, first delete all previous install and update content from the storage card.  (If you have files/folders of custom templates, pictures, music, etc. save them to your desktop first.)
  4. After downloading:
    1. Windows users:  extract (unzip) the downloaded spdb2 zip file, then copy the unzipped spdb2 folder over to your empty PDA storage card.  Again, copy the whole unzipped spdb2 folder over to the storage card. The latest book ISBN database file spdb.dbb is included in the spdb2 update folder, along with the UPC databases.  IMPORTANT: If prompted during the copy process, be sure to always choose Copy and Replace.
    2. HTC Zip users (req'd for Mac): put an untouched copy of the downloaded file on the storage card, then use the HTC_Zip update procedure. (If you don't have HTC Zip on your PDA yet, download, copy it to your PDA, then tap on it to install.)
  5. Soft-reset the PDA.  Ensure that your storage card is securely plugged into the PDA.
  6. Now, on the PDA, use the PDA's File Explorer program to navigate to the storage card, open the spdb2 folder, then tap on the ScoutPalDB2 setup file.  When prompted, allow the install procedure to replace the previous version of the program.  (If you get an error while installing it's most likely because you didn't complete the soft-reset.)
  7. Start ScoutpalDB on the PDA, tap Settings at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the Database section, then tap the [Find it For Me] button.  The database path should correct itself to include the spdb2 folder that you just copied to the storage card in step (3).  If it does not, you may need to reinsert the storage card and/or edit the database path manually.
  8. Once you have converted to using ScoutPalDB2, you will repeat steps 1 through 5 (above) whenever it's time to update your  ScoutPalDB2 databases.  You won't need do steps 6 & 7 again, unless you've been notified of an update to the program.  If you happen to or choose to do the additional steps anyway, no harm will be done.
  9. Previous users: If you have been downloading only the unzipped spdb.dbb ISBN database file, from now on you will need to instead follow steps 1-5. Or better yet: use the easy Download and Update tool.  In either case, you will likely find that the download is faster -- and you simply must convert to using these new procedures anyway because support for direct dbb downloads will be removed in the near future.