Getting Started Using Your ScoutPalDB PDA and Socket Scanner

Carefully unpack the PDA and scanner. Save all packaging in case of return. (Returns MUST be complete: all packaging, all cables, all bags, twist-ties etc.; all must be in as-received condition.) A stylus is stored on the top right side of the PDA, you will use the stylus to tap on the screen and operate the PDA. Put the PDA on its charger. Wait for a full charge. Even if you have used a bar code scanner before, please take some time now to read:

Do not install any software from CDs packaged with the PDA or scanner. Everything has been pre-installed for use with your ScoutPal subscription: the ScoutPalDB program and scanner driver software are set up, and the latest database (as of date of shipment) is in the data storage card. (SD card.)

Get familiar with the push buttons on the PDA:  Above or to the right of the screen is an on/off button, push it once briefly to turn the screen on/off, push and hold to put the PDA to sleep/wakeup or turn completely off/on. It's important to dim the screen or turn the PDA off when not in continuous use in order to conserve battery power. Under the screen is a row of buttons with pictures and a cursor control pad in the middle. From the left, the buttons are: (depending on PDA model)

Calendar -- Start Flag -- [Cursor Pad] -- OK/Close -- Envelope
-- or --
Calendar -- Menu -- [Cursor Pad] -- Envelope -- Home

(If your Socket scanner package includes optional rubber cushions, use the cushion that is flat on both sides, to match the flat top edge of the PDA. A curved one will interfere with full insertion of the scanner into the PDA, unless it is trimmed to fit.)

We setup the PDA to turn the Socket scanner on when the "Record" button on the left side of the PDA is pressed. If you have just soft-reset the PDA, the first press of this button will start the scanner driver, subsequent presses will turn the scan beam on. We also programmed the bottom left button (it has a picture of a Calendar grid) to start ScoutPalDB. You can change the scan button to be one of the other buttons on the PDA if you wish: Tap Start>Settings>Buttons (1)

Push the Calendar button or tap Start (top left of screen)>Programs>ScoutPalDB to begin using ScoutPalDB.(1)  Your PDA was setup with ScoutPalDB2 following the steps published at, so it is ready to use. Do not repeat the setup steps.

(IMPORTANT) Keep the database up-to-date:

A storage card reader simplifies and speeds up the process of copying database updates to the storage card. Most new computers have them built-in, or you can get an inexpensive "plug-and-play" reader from Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. Plug the reader into a USB port on your computer, and give Windows some time to recognize it. Then simply remove the storage card from the PDA and plug it into the card reader. On some computers, a window into the storage card will automatically open when the card is plugged in. If not, use the “My Computer” function to open a window to show all the drives attached to your computer. The storage card will be listed as one of your removable drive(s). Double click it to open a window into the storage card. If you are not sure which drive letter(s) belong to the card reader, unplug and plug in the reader again and you will see the drive letter(s) disappear and then reappear in the list. You may have to click on more than one drive letter to find out which one belongs to the card. Once you have the card open in Windows, you can copy and paste a new database update directly from your computer, over to the card.

To the get the latest database update:  Browse to and install the "easy updater" on your computer, it will tell take you step-by-step through the process. If you cannot use the "easy updater" (Mac computer users, others) and you must instead update with a manual zip download and unzip procedure, be sure to click on the "How to" link on the page and follow the instructions there. BE SURE TO KEEP THE PDA PLUGGED INTO A CHARGING SOURCE SO THAT IT WILL REMAIN ON THROUGHOUT THE DATABASE UPDATE PROCEDURE.

Always soft-reset the PDA so that it will recognize an update. To save time, you can do the soft reset before starting the SD card update process on your computer.

For general PDA or scanner usage information, please refer to the manufacturer documentation.

Contact ScoutPal Support if you need more help. The direct line for subscribers only is: (541) 752-3917

1 Tap Start>Settings>Buttons to customize your PDA's buttons. To move a program to different button, first assign <none> (at top of program scroll list) to its current button.

- To conserve the battery, turn the screen off when not in use. On some devices a screen-off button press & hold can be set to power the device down completely: tap Start>Settings>System>Power>Power Button (scroll tabs to see the options.)

2 If a program you need is not listed on the Start menu, tap Start>Programs and find it there.