Getting Started Using Your ScoutPalDB Omni-II with Scanfob Bluetooth Scanner

PLEASE READ!  And/or Watch the "how to" movie on the included CD-ROM disk. (It's also on the micro-SD card.)

1) Carefully unpack the Omnia PDA phone and Scanfob scanner. Save all packaging in case of return. (Returns MUST be complete: all packaging, all cables, all bags, twist-ties etc.; all must be in as-received condition.) Charge the Omnia and Scanfob: plug their cables into any USB charger or USB computer port. (Dismiss any Windows "found new hardware" message that may popup.) A stylus is stored on the top right back side of the Omnia: use the stylus to tap on the screen and operate the Omnia. The Omnia screen should be turned off (lock button on right edge) when not in constant use in order to conserve battery life -- it will not last all day if it's left on. When the batteries run-down, they can take up to 4 hours to fully charge, so simply plug them in to a charger while not in use: most cars now have USB charge ports; additionally, a USB car charge adapter is included and a wall-style charger is packaged with the Omnia; additional USB chargers are inexpensive, universally compatible, and widely available. (Press and hold the small recessed Scanfob button to turn its radio off/on.)

2) Do not install software packaged with the Omnia or scanner or make changes to any Omnia settings unless you first call ScoutPal! Everything has been carefully pre-installed for use with your ScoutPal subscription: The ScoutPalDB program and scanner driver software are all setup, and the latest database (as of date of shipment) is stored in the micro-SD card that's pre-inserted into the Omnia.

3) Get familiar with the Omnia: Turn the Omnia on edge. On the left edge: toward the bottom is an OK button which can be used instead of tapping OK or "X" in a window; above it are volume controls, and a stereo earphone socket. On the right edge: toward the bottom is a camera button; just above it is a screen off/on/lock button, above that is a covered USB charge-cable socket.

Note the 3 buttons on the face of the Omnia, below the display screen: The leftmost is a "call" button, which you won't use unless you choose to activate cell service; the big button in the middle is programmed(1) to start ScoutPalDB with a short press -- it will bring up the scanner driver with a long press; the rightmost button is used to hang-up a call and/or return to the Today (home) screen; press and hold it to completely power-down and soft-reset -- press and hold again to power-up. A short time after power-up an "activation" window will likely pop up. Simply dismiss the activation message: close it or use the hang-up button.

Startup and use ScoutPalDB

4) "Cold start":  This procedure is generally only needed when first starting up from a power-down state:

  1. Power down the Omnia if it is on, then power it back up. If/when an "OTA" message to activate the phone pops up, simply "X" it out, and proceed.
  2. After the Today (home) screen appears tap the "Start" flag in the upper right, then tap "Serial Magic".  If the scanner is blinking blue, long-press its small button to turn it off.  If Serial Magic starts up with a "Wizard", just tap OK, then OK again to dismiss it.  Now pick up the scanner and scan in the "SPP" then the "Make Discoverable & Connectible" command bar codes printed on the instruction sheet that came with the scanner.
  3. Tap the [Start] button on the driver screen. You will need to be patient while the Scanfob and PDA connect via Bluetooth. After connection, the driver will exit with a short "idle" message; if you wish to confirm Scanfob/Omnia connection status, just start the scanner driver again to see its status.
  4. Press the ScoutPalDB button (short-press big button) and begin scanning merchandise.

5) "Warm Start": If the Omnia screen is off, and/or the scanner have been set aside for a while, they will "sleep" to conserve battery. After wake-up it will take a few moments for them both to warm up, reconnect and allow a first scan to come in, subsequent timely scans will be immediate. This behavior is the nature of Bluetooth. Be patient and count to 10 when starting and/or reconnecting.

6) The Omnia and ROV Bluetooth connections must be ON and started in order for scans to go into the Omnia: Starting the scanner driver will automatically turn on the Omnia bluetooth radio. If the scanner has gone to sleep, all you have to do is short-press the Scanfob's scan button to wake it back up. (Bluetooth devices go to sleep to conserve battery power.) For best results wake up the scanner before waking up the Omnia, and always be patient: Bluetooth takes a few seconds to make its initial connections.  In some cases, you may need to scan the "SPP" or "Reconnect Serial Magic" command bar code in order for the scanner and Omnia to reconnect.

7) If you haven't used a scanner before, be sure to read

(IMPORTANT) Keep the database up-to-date:

8) Your Omnia was set up with ScoutPalDB2 following the steps published at, so it's ready to use. Do not repeat the setup steps. But you must keep the database updated!

To the get the latest database update:  Browse to and install the "easy updater" on your computer, it will tell take you step-by-step through the process. If you cannot use the "easy updater" (Mac computer users, others) and you must instead update with a manual zip download and unzip procedure, be sure to click on the "How to" link on the page and follow the instructions there.  BE SURE TO KEEP THE PDA PLUGGED INTO A CHARGING SOURCE SO THAT IT WILL REMAIN ON THROUGHOUT THE DATABASE UPDATE PROCEDURE.

9) Access the SD card for database updates: First, power the Omnia completely down, as explained above. Then remove the Omnia back cover. An illustration of how to pop the cover off is stenciled on it: Press lightly in the middle of the cover, put your index fingernail in the indentation at the bottom and peel up. The back will begin to snap off from there. The micro-SD card is in a thin, tiny slot, between the volume and OK buttons. Using the stylus, press the SD card in just a tiny bit, enough to let it click back and pop out like a piece of toast. To replace: slide it back in the slot, then use the stylus to press it in a wee bit more and it will lock in place when you let it click back. A micro-to-standard SD card adaptor is included so that you can read/write to the micro-SD card with a standard SD card reader, also included. The storage card reader simplifies and speeds up the process of copying database updates to the card: First, power-down the Omnia, then remove its micro-SD card, then plug the micro-SD into the included full-size SD card adapter, then plug the adapter into your card reader. After the card update process has finished, put the micro-SD card back into the Omnia, then follow the "Cold-start" instructions.

11) You can change/add apps on the Omnia Start menu. Tap Start to bring up Main Menu 1, then tap Edit (lower right), then tap on the "+" sign in a space where you would like to add an app. You can then scroll through the app list (tap lightly on a blank space between icons, then immediately drag up or down) and then tap an app icon to choose it. To remove an app from the menu: while in Edit mode, tap the "-" sign above and to the right of the app. You cannot do any harm by making changes to the Start menu, removing an app from the menu does not remove it permanently from the Omnia.

Visit our website for how-to videos; for general Omnia or scanner usage information please refer to the manufacturer documentation.

Contact ScoutPal Support if you need more help.  The direct line for subscribers only is: (541) 752-3917

1 Tap Start>Settings>General>Buttons>Assign to customize what the buttons do.