ScoutPalDB Compatibility and Requirements

     You can use ScoutPalDB with hardware that you already have or plan to purchase somewhere else, as long the equipment meets all of these compatibility requirements:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most Dell Axim's, other older PDA's, and most older computer built-in card reader slots are not compatible with SD cards larger than 2GB!  (Slot choices)

  1. See the ScoutPalDB shopping tips page to learn about the most popular hardware choices.
  2. ScoutPalDB is only compatible with touch screen Pocket PC devices that use versions of the Windows Mobile 2003, 5, and 6 operating system.  These devices use a stylus to tap on the screen in order to make choices. ScoutPalDB is not compatible with any device that isn't "Windows Mobile", or does not have a screen that you tap with a stylus.  For example, although fully compatible with ScoutPal Live, Android and iPhones are NOT comptible with ScoutPalDB, since they use completely different operating systems. As well, Windows Phone 7, 8 and 10 operating system devices do not use Windows Mobile, so they are not compatible with ScoutPalDB. 
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  3. Windows Mobile Pocket PC PDA/phones are also compatible, as long as they use Windows Mobile 2003 second edition, or newer, and they have a touch screen.  (The same as in item 1 above).  Examples include the Treo 700/800w, and the HTC Touch/Diamond/Pro. When coupled with a Bluetooth scanner they make a fine choice for ScoutPalDB.
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  4. If you already have a Pocket PC PDA, you must check its operating system BEFORE attempting to install ScoutPalDB. The PDA will NOT be compatible with ScoutPalDB if it is anything else other than a touch screen device running Windows Mobile 2003 second edition or newer, for example Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 (also called Windows Mobile Classic and Windows Mobile Professional.)
  5. You will need to have a data storage card for the PDA, which is where the millions of database items will be stored. (1GB minimum capacity, 2GB preferred.)  You will also need a way to plug the storage card into your computer so that you can update it.

    Most Dell Axim's, other older PDA's, and most older computer built-in card reader slots are not compatible with cards larger than 2GB! Learn more about data cards and scanner choices.

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  6. The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework vsn 2 (CF2) or later MUST be installable and usable on your Pocket PC.
    1. The ScoutPalDB setup procedure includes steps to do the CF2 upgrade as necessary. Many late-model PocketPC's and Pocket PC phones will already have a CF2 or later framework aready installed, and will tell you that if and when you attempt to reinstall the framework.
  7. Follow this test procedure if you need positive assurance that your device is compatible with both Microsoft's CF2, and with CF2-based programs (like ScoutPalDB.)