ScoutPalDB -- How to Download from the Internet

You do need to know the fundamentals of operating your computer in order to get setup and use ScoutPal services. ScoutPalDB will require that you download the setup files and copy them to your Pocket PC PDA, and you will also need to do a weekly download to get the latest database update.

If you don't know how to specify where internet file downloads go on your computer or where to find them, or you don't know how to copy or move files around on your computer, you can learn from the wealth of information available on the internet.

Keep in mind that exactly where a file download goes on your computer is a purely a function of your browser.

If you use Firefox (Mozilla):  Click Tools / Options / Main, and checkmark "Show the downloads window when downloading a file", and "Always ask me where to save files". That way, you get to make the decision as to where downloaded files get saved, rather than letting the browser decide on its own.  Learn more about controlling FireFox downloads...

If you use Internet Explorer: Click Tools / Internet Options / Advanced, then checkmark "Notify when downloads complete".   (It's toward the bottom of the "Browsing" section of options.) This will make IE pause when a download is finished, allowing you to open the folder containing the downloaded file.  Learn more about controlling Internet Explorer downloads...

Although most computer users know enough about downloading files and zipped-up folders etc, to follow all of our published setup and update instructions totally on their own, we understand that all this stuff can be just plain overwhelming for someone new to computers.  So if you are simply unable to proceed, please call ScoutPal and we will gladly help you by making an appointment to remote-control your computer and PDA and "show you the ropes."  If that's not possible, you can call ScoutPal for further instructions to mail your PDA system to us, and we will set it up for you for a flat $45 fee which also covers expedited and insured return shipping back to you.