How to view the location and date of the SPDB database file:

Tap the START flag:

Tap File Explorer.  If File Explorer is not listed on your start menu, tap Programs and start it from within the Programs folder.

Tap on the File Explorer's Navigation control.  In this example, The File Explorer is presently showing the "My Documents" folder.

Navigate to "My Device"

External storage cards will be listed in "My Device".  Depending on your Pocket PC configuration, Your storage card might be named one of the following:

  • Storage Card
  • SD Card
  • CF Card

Note that storage card names have a space in them.

The space is part of the name, and must be included when you specify the database path to ScoutPalDB.

Tap on the storage card name to open it:

If you have properly followed the database update instructions, you will see a large spdb file listed in the storage card.  The date shown is the date that it was last updated.

Note that on this PDA, the path to the ScoutPalDB database file is:  "storage card\spdb.dbb"  You may have put the file in a sub-folder, if so, open the folder to see the file.  In any case, ScoutPalDB will need the full path to the file specified on its setttings screen.

Although it is not displayed on the PDA, the internal name of the database file is actually "spdb.dbb", and if you tap on the spdb file, you will get an error message "there is no application associated..." Disregard the error message.