ScoutPalDB Download for Non-Windows Computer Users

(If you haven't already done so, please read our FAQ regarding doing DB updates with a non-Windows computer.)

You may choose from two procedure methods.  Click on your method of choice, then always follow its steps exactly each time you update the card. Choose whichever method is easiest for you, then stick with it.*   Both methods require that you follow all of their steps precisely and exactly.  Based on feedback from users: Method 1 has fewer routine steps but requires more preparation and can seem complex when used, while Method 2 involves more PDA screen taps for each update but may be easier to remember -- both methods need careful and full operation of their steps.

Method 1: Unzip the update file on the PDA, instead of on the Mac.

-- or choose --

Method 2: Copy the update files and folders to an absolutely BLANK storage card, as interpreted by the PDA's Windows operating system, then, on the PDA, delete all the Mac-generated hidden files.

After performing an update, regardless of procedure: always start the ScoupPalDB program on the PDA, then tap Settings (middle bottom of screen) / Database (it's a tab in the middle of the screen) / [Find it for me] in order to ensure that the database is found, i.e. no question marks (???) in the Primary Database File Location, also confirm visually that the file location is what it is expected to be.

Test the update: Tap in "x42" instead of an ISBN (x42 is a random lookup generator) then tap [Seek] any number of times to ensure that the program can bring up ISBN/EAN13 items.  To test UPC lookups: Tap in "123456789012" (a sample UPC), then tap in x42, then [Seek] [Seek] [Seek] etc.

* Sorry, but we
simply cannot support users that invent their own incompatible methods of updating.

IMPORTANT NOTE: users must always follow the published Mac procedures carefully and exactly, for every update. Due to technical complexities in Mac vs PC architecture issues, no other support can be provided by ScoutPal. If you require further help understanding the procedures, please print the instructions and bring them to a Mac genius bar.