ScoutPalDB CompatibilityTest

(does not look up items, used only to assure program compatibility with your hardware)

NOTE: If you are already a paid ScoutPal subscriber, you might as well "test" by following the full setup procedure.  Otherwise, you will be repeating these steps.

If you have an older PDA with questionable compatibility, you may wish to use the following procedure for assurance that you will be able to install and run ScoutPalDB once you begin a paid subscription to ScoutPal.

Before proceeding, you will need to know the fundamentals of operating your Windows Mobile Pocket PC PDA and computer.  Refer to the user guide that came with your PDA to learn its basic operation. For example, you need to know how to turn it off and on, how to tap the screen to make choices, how to use the PDA's on-screen keyboard to enter and edit text and numbers, and how to start and close programs.  You will also need to know the fundamentals of how to operate your computer to browse to a web page, how to download a file and where to find the file on your computer after the download completes, and how to copy and paste files and folders from one location to another.

If you do not know how to do internet downloads, or where to find downloaded files, or how to copy and paste files and folders, please click here to learn more.

Print this page (show all the details first), then check off each step as you proceed so that you don't miss a step. (Show/hide all details)

  1. Set up a way to put files and folders into the PDA's storage card:
    1. The easiest and fastest way to do this is with a storage card reader attached to your computer.  See details...
    2. If you don't have a card reader, you will need to use Windows PDA sync software.  The sync software provides a way to copy files and folders to the PDA's storage card, while the card is in the PDA.  Once you have the PDA connected, you "explore" the PDA to open its storage card (named "SD Card" or "Storage Card" or similar), and then you can paste in files.  How you explore the PDA depends on your computer operating system:

  2. Download the SPTestCabs zip file to your computer, then unzip (extract) it.  See details...
  3. Put copies of the unzipped setup files into your PDA's storage card:
    IMPORTANT:  You absolutely must first unzip the download (step 2) in order to get its contents properly copied over to the PDA!
    1. Open a window into the storage card. See details...
    2. Once you have a window opened into the storage card, copy and paste everything that's inside the unzipped SPTestCabs folder into the storage card.
    3. Put the storage card back in the PDA if you used a card reader, and/or disconnect the PDA from the computer.

  4. On your PDA, navigate to the storage card, then run (tap on) the .NET CF and ScoutPal DB installation CAB files. See details...


  5. Start the SPTest on the PDA, and see if it runs and displays that your PDA is compatible. See details...