ScoutPalDB Summary Page

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You will need to be eligible for Amazon's Marketplace Web Services (MWS) in order to use ScoutPal.  Click for more information.

ScoutPalDB is a product that runs on Windows Mobile Pocket PC PDA's. It allows you to get price/rank ScoutPal Amazon US marketplace* results for ISBN books; additionally the current version of ScoutPalDB includes UPC databases for other Amazon merchandise categories besides books. (See current version database table, below†) There's no additional charge to use the current and standard ScoutPalDB product, other than an active and paid ScoutPal subscription.**

Scan in a book's ISBN barcode or a UPC on non-print merchandise (or use the finger-tap keypad for manual entry) and ScoutPalDB instantly displays the item's lowest marketplace price in Amazon's used/new/collectible categories, as well as its Amazon sales rank and retail price, and listing counts for books. ***

Optional Live Lookup:  You can add an optional "Fetch" button to the lookup display to get real-time ScoutPal Live lookups, as long as your PDA has an internet connection through a WiFi hotspot or Bluetooth Dial Up Networking (DUN) internet connection through a cell phone, or if you have a Pocket PC phone with internet service. A ScoutPa Live "Fetch" searches bring back live, up-to-the-minute latest prices from Amazon, as well as the other ScoutPal Live features like edition lists, searches, formula results, etc etc.  Tap the word Settings at the bottom of the ScoutPalDB main screen, then enable Fetch by entering your ScoutPalD and Password.

We sell Pocket PC's and scanners directly, when available. The combo pda/scanner package comes all set up so you can start using ScoutPalDB right out of the box with your paid subscription. With our package you also get a free 2GB SD card, a free SD card reader, and free Priority shipping.  Visit Our Hardware packages page, or Contact ScoutPal Sales and Support for more info.  (You do not have to buy equipment from ScoutPal, you can use any compatible equipment that you buy somewhere else, or already have.)

Feedback on your use of the product is appreciated.

* A version specifically designed for Amazon UK or DE marketplaces is presently not available or planned.  However, many ScoutPals overseas simply use the US dollar amounts as indicators of universal market value, and adjust currencies accordingly.  Additionally a template formula could be used to display US marketplace values in pound sterling or Deutsche Mark equivalents at a fixed but editable rate.

** In the future, for new subscribers, there may be an additional subscription charges to access expanded features and databases.

Table of current ScoutPalDB2 databases:

.DBB File Name Category Notes
Beauty Beauty & Health merchandise
CE Consumer Electronics
DVD DVDs - Movies etc.
Gourmet Grocery & Gourmet Food.  Note that many food items are offered by Amazon only in bulk form.
Home Home decorating items
Kitchen Kitchen utensils and gadgets
Music Music CDs
Office Office supplies and equipment
Software Computer Software
spdb Print media, i.e. Books
Tools Tools
Toys Check your seller account during holidays, as category listing restrictions will apply to most seller accounts: not all sellers can list in every category at any given time.  Contact Amazon Seller Support for more information.   
VG Video games
Video VHS tapes


Table of Data Contained in the ScoutPal DB Database
The entire database contains tens of millions of items and is typically published each Monday and Friday morning, but you can install or update at any time. The data is obtained under authorization and as constrained by Amazon's MWS API. As with any form of published isolated temporal database, the data can only have a valid time interval, which is the duration of the multi-day update process. This is a comprehensive table of data items, there are no other data fields in the database.

Field Names
Notes about using field names as replacement tokens (variables) in templates:
* Names are shown in their singleton-token form.
* "zname" tokens will contain numeric values in a decimal or whole number form without commas, so they are the correct variable name forms to use within all Javascript numeric expressions.
<isbn/> ISBN-10 for books (spdb.dbb) -- UPC for other categories
<lista/> Published Amazon price -- NA if not sold directly by Amazon
<rank/>, <zrank/> Sales rank; NA (zero if zrank) for items that have no rank available (e.g. newly listed or never sold.)
Category prices are irrespective of fulfillment channel: third-party fulfilled are sans shipping; FBA fulfilled are as landed for buyer.
<used/>, <zused/> Lowest offering price in the used category
<new/>, <znew/> Lowest offering price in the new condition
<col/>, <zcol/> Lowest offering price in the collectible category
<lowest/>, <zlowest/> Lowest of the non-zero prices in all three categories: used, new, collectible
Offering counts are rounded down to an 8bit integer; exact category listing counts are presently not included in UPC merchandise results, NA is shown instead of an exact number.
<usedq/> Count of offerings in the used category
<newq/> Count of offerings in the used category
<colq/> Count of offerings in the used category
The next field names are constant values for all lookups -- they contain values from the ScoutPalDB Settings tabs.
<fontsz/> Settings/Misc/Default Text Size; expressed as a single digit from 1 to 8; initially set to 5; efficacy is dependant upon internal IE browser version
<fonttag/> Default Text Size; expressed as an html tag; e.g. <font size="5">; see above for rendering constraints
<dbfolder/> Settings/Primary Database File Location; expressed as a Javascript literal backslash-escaped string fragment of the database folder path; e.g. sdcard\\spdb2