<html><SCRIPT>/* This template will play a sound file named "ding.wav" if the lowest price is greater than 7 and the rank is under two and a half million (typed as 2500000 because no commas are allowed in computer numbers.) Rankings of zero are ignored. The sound file "ding.wav" needs to be in the same data card folder as the database files. This folder is typically named SPDB2. The Pocket PC comes with various wav files in its Windows folder. Use the PPC File Explorer program to navigate to "My_Device\Windows", then scroll down and look for wav sound files. Tap on them to hear how they sound. Using the File Explorer, copy and paste the wav file of your choice over to the spdb storage folder, then rename it as "ding". */</SCRIPT> <body> <SCRIPT> // Set a flag if the used price meets the formula. // The flag is used to control formatting and // sound the alert. // z[variable] values for prices and rank have no commas // or dollar signs in them. They can be used in // JavaScript calculations: lowest = <zlowest/>; ranking = <zrank/>; criteriaMet = ((lowest > 7.00) && (ranking>0) && (ranking < 2500000)); </SCRIPT> <font size='<fontsz/>'> <isbn>1565924959</isbn><br> Amazon: $<lista>99.99</lista><br> <SCRIPT>if (criteriaMet) document.write("<b>");</SCRIPT> Used: $<used>1.111</used> (<usedq>1</usedq>)<br> New: $<new>2.22</new> (<newq>2</newq>)<br> Col: $<col>3.33</col> (<colq>3</colq>)<br> Rank: <rank>123,456</rank><br> <SCRIPT>if (criteriaMet) document.write("</b>");</SCRIPT> <SCRIPT> if (criteriaMet) { fn = "file://\\<dbfolder/>\\ding.wav"; document.write("<BGSOUND SRC='" + fn + "'>"); } </SCRIPT> </body></html>