How to Unzip the ScoutPalDB Download

The ScoutPalDB zip download contains the current database file(s), as well as files and folders for the initial setup of the ScoutPalDB program.  It is delivered in the compressed "zip" format for fast download, and so that you can download multiple files all at once.  You will need to unzip it after downloading for initial setup, or when after downloading to do a database update.

(Zip is a common download format used throughout the Internet.  Windows has zip support built right into it, you don't need a special program.)

After downloading something that is in a compressed (zipped) format, it will display on your computer as a folder icon with a zipper on its left side, like this:    If your internet browser gives you a choice, it is usually most convenient to save downloads to the Desktop, or My Documents, as these locations are easy to get to. Learn how to control your browser's downloading process.

To use the stuff inside the download, you have to unzip it first.  Think of this as unwrapping a package.  Windows calls it "Extracting".   Simply Right-click the zippered icon and choose "Extract All" to start the Extraction process.  Click for a video demonstration...

In Windows Vista, you can alternately Double-click the zippered icon, then click the "Extract all files" button just above the file list to start the Extraction process.  Zip and unzip tips for Vista

Click through all of the Extraction screens (just click "Next"), and it will finish with a new folder window that is the extracted and unzipped folder version of the downloaded zip file.  You can also see and open it in the download location (for example, the Desktop.)  It will be an ordinary folder icon having the same file name as the download, but without the zipper.

More resources for learning to use the zip and unzip capabilities built into Windows:

Note: Although Windows comes with built-in unzip support, if you have installed some other compressed file/folder handler (for example, WinZip) you will need to use its functionality to unzip the contents.  If necessary, you can follow these steps to disable or re-enable Window's built-in Extraction Wizard