Seller ID Finder - A tool to help you find your Amazon Seller ID

  1. Search Amazon for any book or other item that you have for sale right now on Amazon (click or shift-click to open in a new tab/window).  Do the search just as if you were a buyer.  After you search and find your item by ISBN/UPC, click and scroll around until you find and see your listing for the item.
  2. Right-click on your % rating and Copy its link. (No feedback yet?  Right-click the words "Seller Profile".)
  3. The "copy link" choice exact wording will depend on your browser. For example: in Firefox..."Copy Link Location"; in IE..."Copy Shortcut"; in Chrome..."Copy Link address", and so on.
  4. Now Right-click inside the box below* and choose Paste* to put the copied link in the box:
    <-- Paste your % Rating link in here**.
  5. Now and the letters and numbers of your Seller ID will appear on the next line:
  6. Your Seller ID is:


*  Or, left-click inside the box, and type Ctrl-V to paste -- hold the "Ctrl" key down, then press the letter "V" key.  (This is a general and handy keystroke shortcut, similarly you can copy with Ctrl-C, copy-delete with Ctrl-X, and undo with Ctrl-Z.  Mac users have similar functions that use the Mac's "cloverleaf/fan" command key, instead of Ctrl.)

** If you use Firefox, you may be able to drag-drop the link into the box:  watch a video showing this