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ROV Scanner:

Scan merchandise bar codes into your computer, or into your Bluetooth PDA

(Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry)

ROV codes

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How To Capture ROV Batch Scans

The ROV must first be configured with proper hardware and driver software so that it can interactively send scans into any program running on your computer, acting just as if it was actually a keyboard. See our ROV FAQ #1 for instructions on how to accomplish this.  You can also refer to the Microvision instruction sheet that came with the ROV, and/or visit Microvision's FAQ page on their web site at

Although it's technically possible to use Bluetooth during batch operations, it's usually difficult to control due to the due to the inherent unpredictable nature of Bluetooth connections. A tethered non-Bluetooth connection is easier to control, and a serial-port tether cable is included with the ROV.  Nearly all users who want to tether the ROV to a computer will need to use a USB-to-serial adapter (see our ROV FAQ #1), as well as configure the computer and all its drivers to use the adapter. (Only very old computers have a built-in serial port.)

Steps to Batch-Scan barcodes from a stack of merchandise:

  1. Collect the scans while the ROV is detached.
    This means: scan while the ROV is unplugged and its Bluetooth connection is off, as whenever a ROV scanner is detached from its cord and its Bluetooth is disabled, subsequent scans get saved into its internal memory. (To disable a ROV's Bluetooth radio chip and use the ROV in tether-only mode: leave the battery cover off, or put removable tape over the gold contact pads on the inside of the battery compartment.)

  2. When finished scanning, plug the readied cable into the ROV.  (Or, if are practiced and totally understand how to completely control the Bluetooth connection, reconnect it via Bluetooth.) -- The instant a ROV's connection is re-established to the computer, all of its scans in memory will rapidly stream into whatever program has keyboard input focus ready at the exact time that you reconnect.  All scans will then be permanently erased from the ROV's memory.

  3. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE a receptive program running on your computer BEFORE the ROV connects.
    As soon as a connection is made, ALL of the collected scans will will be sent into whatever program is running, just as if you had typed them in all at once, one after the other. But they will come in real fast!!  So, be sure that the program is ready to accept that rapid stream of input. (Just as you would need to do to make a program ready for you to type in a whole list at a super-human rate of speed.) After each scan sent by the ROV, it will also send an ENTER key (carriage return), just as you would do if you were manually typing in a series of ISBNs and/or UPCs.

  4. After the ROV sends all of its stored scans, they'll ALL be PERMANENTLY ERASED from the scanner's memory.
    Since you only get one chance, be absolutely certain that the computer and the program is ready and set to receive all of those batched-up scans -- BEFORE you plug the scanner in! We advise a quick-test to confirm that your program is ready: simply type in a few lines of fake ISBNs/UPCs, then backspace it all out, be sure the cursor is blinking and ready, then go ahead and plug in.

  5. A good program to use for accepting batch scans and creating a scan list file is Windows Notepad or Windows Mobile Notes "plain text" editors.
    In Windows: Start / Run / Notepad, or look for it in the programs menu. This is because Notepad/Notes does not add extraneous formatting to the file, and other programs that would import the file will nearly always expect a plain text format file. (Not a word-processing or spreadsheet type of file, for example.)

  6. MOST IMPORTANT -- first ready the receiving program -- THEN plug in the scanner.
    All of of the scans will be sent into the currently running program at its current cursor location, and then removed from the scanner. After that, you will want to SAVE the Notepad file to a convenient location, such as the Desktop, or possibly to a removable drive like an SD card.

  7. Load the file of ISBN's into your favorite listing/inventory program.
    Most programs have a way to import or copy and paste ISBN's/UPC's from a plain text file.  When you find that feature, direct it to the Notepad file of scans that you just created. Contact the program publisher's support services or refer to their documentation if you need more information on how to use their listing/inventory program, as well as to know the limit as to how many "scans" the program can accept at one time.

  8. Practice, practice, practice.
    Before you go out and batch-scan a huge list of items, do a few "dress-rehearsals" of all of the procedures above; try a dozen or fewer scans at a time. Remember, you get only one chance to let the ROV send its batched-up scans, so you will need to become familiar and be comfortable with the entire operation.




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