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Camera phone "Scanning" with ScoutPal Live:

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ROV Scanner:

Scan merchandise bar codes into your computer, or into your Bluetooth PDA

(Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry)

ROV codes

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
ROV codes

  1. How do I connect a ROV to my PDA or computer?
    ***As per our Terms Of Service, no links or mentions of product herein are in any way a recommendation to you. We cannot represent or warrant that any of the referenced products will work for you in any way, or that they will not harm your equipment, software, or business.

    PDA users: install and configure the ROV Scanner Wedge program designed for your specific type of PDA.  If you'll be using a ROV with ScoutPalDB on a Bluetooth Windows Mobile device, a ROV's Scanner Wedge setup file is included inside the ScoutPalDB's "spdb2/cab" folder on the data card. The printed guide that comes with the ROV has further instructions on how to set up the Scanner Wedge for various devices. You may also refer to the manufacturer's website at  for more information and documentation.

    Windows computer connection:

    A hardware connection from a ROV to a Windows computer can be made over Bluetooth Radio or through a serial port.  Either connection type will need to be carefully set up in order to work at all.  Most users will likely prefer to use a wired serial connection.

    ** If you use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will definitely find it easier to control driver and wedge software if you first set up the free Classic Shell.  It will make your Windows 8/8.1 desktop and start button look and feel more familiar, and restore full control over how you download, install, place, and run software programs.

    Some computers with built-in or add-on Bluetooth may be compatible with a Bluetooth connected ROV, but only if the computer's Bluetooth system uses a Widcom Bluetooth stack.

    Because Bluetooth connections are often difficult to establish and maintain, most users will prefer to connect a ROV to a computer using its included serial cable, plugged into a separately purchased USB-to-Serial adapter. These adapters are widely available online, at Radio Shack, and at computer stores.  You will need a USB-to-Serial adapter that's compatible with your operating system.  Just as you should always do with any type of accessory hardware, BE SURE to always install the adapter's PROPER driver first, before plugging it into a USB port.

    As with any sort of accessory, there are many USB-Serial adapters to choose from, but we have found that adapters using a Prolific PL2303HX Rev D (PL-2303HXD) chipset can nearly always be configured to work with all the different Windows operating systems.  Specifically, we have seen the "TRENDnet USB 2.0 to RS-232 DB9 Serial Converter, TU-S9" work with all kinds of Windows machines, including Windows 8 & Windows 8.1!  The TRENDnet TU-S9 uses a Prolific PL-2303HXD chipset.  Here is an example Amazon query for a TRENDnet TU-S9 adapter:

    The following is a direct link to Prolific's driver download site:

    Note: When serially connecting a ROV you can disable its radio so that it no longer constantly drains the AAA batteries.  (Most  ROV's have a Bluetooth radio chip inside their battery cover.)  A simple way to do this is to place a piece of tape over the Bluetooth contact pads that are inside the scanner's battery compartment.  This will safely prevent the Bluetooth cover's contact pins from making electrical contact.

    Once you have the adapter installed and using its driver, (be sure to install the adapter's driver before plugging it in to a USB port for the first time), you'll need to know which COM port number it uses.  If properly installed, it will show up in the Windows Device Manager as a COM Serial Port, its entry in the Device Manager list will show no issues (question marks and/or exclamation points indicate driver problems), and its entry will also display which COM port number it uses.

    The Prolific driver typically installs itself on COM3. If you find need to change the adapter's default COM port number, you can do that with the port's settings/advanced settings button in its right-click properties window.  (If you don't know how to launch and use Windows Device Manager, you can find tutorials from the wealth of information on the internet: google, youtube, etc.)

    You'll also need a software "wedge" program capable of intercepting ROV scan packets from the adapter's serial port, and injecting them into whatever program you may be running at the time of the scan.  The wedge program will need to be configured properly, as well as be running and connected to the ROV through the COM port in order to inject your scans.

    You will find links to various wedge programs on our ROV Order page, the basic versions are free. Read the wedge descriptions carefully and choose one most suited to your equipment and needs.  After installation, the wedge program will need to be configured for the serial characteristics of the ROV.  With some wedges, you'll only need to let it find or specifically tell it the adapter's COM port number.  Other wedge programs may need to have detailed serial parameters set that are specific to the ROV: 4800 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, no handshake, aka 4800/8-N-1.  You may also need to configure the wedge to translate CR to an ENTER key.

    Once all the above configuration steps are finished, and while the Wedge is running, the ROV will transparently send its scans directly and nearly instantly into whatever program you are running at the time you scan, just as if you typed the barcode digits in from a keyboard at lightning speed.

  2. Will the ROV scanner  alone give me a complete inventory and Amazon lookup and listing system?
    Scanners are simply input devices, just like a keyboard.  They are used as a way to input ISBN and UPC bar codes into software that you already have.  The ROV package by itself does not include software systems to "do inventory" or "list items on Amazon".  But you can use it to input your bar codes into listing, lookup, and inventory management programs, which then will do these things for you.
  3. Will it work with my app software and which bar code should I scan?
    Refer to this "How To" page...
  4. When I scan a book into my computer, it sends the 13-digit EAN numbers, plus another 5-digit sequence.  How can I stop this?
    Scan in the "Disable supplemental" command bar code...
  5. Q. How do I turn the beep Off/On?
    Scan in the enable/disable beep command bar code...
    (If you have an older model "Flic" scanner, look in your User Guide.)
  6. Q. I have an older model "Flic" scanner, can I get a new User Guide?
    Download a user guide for older models...
  7. Q. How do I batch-scan a bunch of books and other merchandise into the scanner's memory, then upload them to my computer to send the scans into my favorite listing/inventory program?
    Refer to these batch-scan Instructions...
  8. Q. Is there a return period?
    Returns will be accepted if they are in the same condition as sent, and mailed back with all original packaging to ScoutPal within 7 days after delivery.
  9. Q. How is the read performance?
    The ROV is a true laser scanner, and has many more features than contact or wand style scanners.  You just point it at the bar code and press the button.  A laser light shoots out and grabs the bar code nearly instantaneously.  Also, the ROV is portable and will store your scans in its memory for later upload to your computer.
  10. Q. Does it let you know if a scan was successful or not? (Beep, light, etc) There is a "good read" light, and a beep that can be enabled/disabled simply by scanning in special bar codes.  Scan in the enable/disable beep command bar code...

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